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Caesar Guerini Review


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Level III & IV retention Police service holster
Glock, S&W M+P, and many others.

 Product Code Price
60130  Glock 17/19 r/h rotating  $250.00 


60131  Glock 17/19 l/h rotating
60132  Glock 17/19 r/h high ride
60133  Glock 17/19 l/h high ride
60134  Glock 22/23 r/h rotating
60135  Glock 22/23 l/h rotating

 Glock 22/23 r/h high ride

60137  Glock 22/23 l/h high ride
60138  S&W M+P r/h rotating
60139  S&W M+P l/h rotating
60140  S&W M+P r/h high ride
60141  S&W M+P l/h high ride
60142  Beretta 92 r/h rotating
60143  Beretta 92 l/h rotating
60144  Beretta 92 r/h high ride
60145  Beretta 92 l/h high ride




Ghost rigid carbonio belt for IPSC competition
uses provided with velcro inner belt


 Product Code



 Ghost rigid carbon  80cm + overlap & inner  $99.00
 40131  Ghost rigid carbon  90cm + overlap & inner
 40132  Ghost rigid carbon 100cm + overlap & inner
 40133  Ghost rigid carbon 110cm + overlap & inner
 40133  Ghost rigid carbon 120cm + overlap & inner






 Product Code



 IPSC single mag pouch



 IPSC magnetic pouch



                       IPSC COMPETTION HOLSTER

It is available in right and left versions for the following models:

- Para Ordnance
- CZ 75 , 85 (DA,SA)
- TANFOGLIO Limited custom, production
- HK USP Expert
- Sig P226
- Bul M5
- Beretta 92 / 98
- Baby Eagle
- S&W M+P


 Product Code Price
60270  Beretta r/h $250.00
60271  Beretta l/h
60272  BUL r/h
60273  BUL l/h
60274  CZ r/h
60275  CZ l/h
60276  Glock 22 r/h
60277  Glock 22 l/h
60278  H & K r/h
60279  H & K l/h

For practical shooting competitors, the ideal holster is one that holds the handgun perfectly positioned so that the shooting grip can be immediately acquired; holds the gun securely even during strenuous movement; and permits a smooth, resistance-free draw. That seems simple enough, but since every shooter is built differently, in practice that means the holster must have a wide range of adjustments. It also needs a retention system that will hold a heavy competition gun and still release instantly on demand. 

The Ghost Holster meets these difficult challenges very well and is rapidly gaining acceptance among IPSC competitors. The body of the holster is made from anodized aluminum, fitted to a synthetic belt loop. It is infinitely adjustable over a wide range for height, cant and rake so that the shooter can position the gun butt precisely as desired. 

There are two retention devices. A pin in the holster engages a small hole in the front of the trigger guard of the pistol, which must be drilled by the owner. Currently, the Ghost Holster is offered only for pistols with synthetic frames so the job is easy enough, providing the owner doesn't mind a hole in the guard.

The second device is a trigger-guard lock that is activated by rotating a lever on the back side of the holster so it points backward, parallel to the gun butt. This positively locks the pistol in place. The position of the lever protects it against being accidentally released by bumping into things. During the draw as the fingers begin to close around the gun butt, they engage this lever quite naturally and flip it to the upright, released position. 

A nice feature is that the same holster can be used for both Open and Limited class IPSC competition. Holsters are available for STI and SVI pistols, the Bul M-5 and several Glock models. The holster shown, for STI pistols, performed perfectly.

Adjustments for position were straightforward and the range of adjustment more than adequate. Draws proved smooth and effortless. The holster was loaned to a shooter who had been knocking on the door at several matches but never quite won. After a couple of practice sessions, he won his first match the following week with the Ghost Holster.

Quality of materials and workmanship is first rate, and the holster is lightweight and comfortable.

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