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The bipods will suit standard rifles.


  Product Code Price
 61710 Bipod 9 x 13 (23 x 33) $110.00
 61711 Bipod 12 x 22 (32 x 56)$130.00



Swivel Mount

  Product Code Price
 61712 Swivel Mount  Sold seperate $55.00






This Bi Pod consists of two parts a swivel mount and the bipod itself.

The swivel mount fits to the rifle and in turn the bipod fits to that. 


Fitting of the bipod is really simple it attaches on the swivel screw at the front of the rifle. 
The bipod can fold and lock either way,  so depending on how you like things to look, or simply for ergonomic reasons, you can fold the bipod forward or backwards.

The bipod can easily tilt and swivel when folded out, allowing for adjustments in aim once deployed.

The legs are extendable in 'notched' adjustments. Simply pull the legs out to extend, and compress the
latch to slide the leg back to its original length.

The feet on the bipod have some hard rubber covers over them. The rubber is unlikely to wear away quickly and allows for a secure base to aim from, particularly on hard surfaces such as concrete or brick. 


The mount can be easily detached from the mount should the bipod need to be quickly stored away.


To use the bipod (from the folded position), simply grab the legs and fold them down, as you do so the legs will spring apart.

To return the bipod to its folded position, grip the legs together and pull the bipod either forwards or backwards.

To extend the legs, simply pull the down in the desired direction, each 'click' signifies a secure point to leave the leg at.

To slide the legs back simply press the latch down at the end away from the legs and push the leg foot upwards.



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